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Barnsley’s a thriving town, with cutting-edge technologies, large-scale development and a vibrant town here. With a skilled workforce of nearly 150,000 people of working age — and access to a workforce of 1.3 million within 30 minutes driving time of the borough — there’s a reason so many businesses are choosing to make Barnsley their home.  

We’re here to help find the right commercial property for your business. Our experienced team have excellent relationships with property owners, developers and commercial property agents, to make your search effective and seamless. To view available properties, get access to our comprehensive commercial property database. Contact our team for help finding your ideal business location in Barnsley and any other questions you might have.

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We're here to provide the right support for you — we don't believe that one-size-fits-all. 

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We're agile

Your business needs are unique and so is our support. We provide the help and guidance that you need — when you need it — to ensure we get your business to where it wants to be.


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Our reputation is built from stories of success and collaboration for business across the borough. We’ll always continue to make this our primary goal for your business in Barnsley.

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We're by your side

Our support is made available throughout the whole journey of your business; making it easy to access support for the here and now, the future and beyond. We’re always here for your business.


We're by your side

Tailor-made support only happens if we hear everything that you have to say. We care about your challenges and goals equally. To create success, we first need to understand your hurdles.

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